Praise for Sam

Samantha-PlovieAre you curious to know what it's like to work with Samantha..? Nothing speaks louder than words of praise from happy clients! Knowledge, experience and marketing are important of course, but if a consultant cannot convey their knowledge and expertise to the clients' life in a productive way.... not gonna work is it...

Samantha works with people wherever they are in the world, and in whatever format they desire. She handles their homes and business's with Feng Shui, their personal achievements with BaZi, and their Metaphysical aspirations with teaching. If you want it, she's got it, all you have to do is ask for it...

Astrology Annual Update

One of my first thoughts, with my business lady hat on, was that this is incredible value! And it is. As Natalie the creative writer hopeful who has been climbing for a long, long time (it seems, anyway), I noticed how reassured I felt to have some reflection on what has been and what's to come, to have some ruminating about my direction by someone other than me...I believe very much in what you do and the other languages of the universe, and I'm most grateful for your time and talents. Thank you Samantha! 

Natalie Appleton

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Chinese Astrology

I heard about Chi Solutions from my husband. When he started telling about Samantha I just knew I had to book a BaZi consultation. Once I finally met Sam, I was impressed by her honesty, talent, straight forwardness and knowledge within this modality. The results of my BaZi report blew me away. Everything that she had put together in this report described my life perfectly. There was clarity for once about who I am, and the way that I am, things finally made sense. I have so much trust in Sam, which made for a wonderful experience and a fun introduction into Chinese Astrology. I would most definitely recommend Chi Solutions to everyone. There are a variety of services that are offered to suit just about anyone.

Thanks again Sam!

Deanne Crew, Vernon


I have been very pleased with your classes and I am looking forward to start Module 2 very soon. I consider that a teacher is not only one who transmits knowledge, but one who is able to sense what his/her student needs and therefore he/she is able to guide accordingly. You seem to be a knowledgeable person, sensitive and compassionate and that to my eyes makes a good and special teacher.

Thank you!

Gloria - USA

Home Sale

If you have ever had to stage your home for sale you know what a daunting task that can be. In July of 2015 we put our home up for sale, and much to my surprise it didn’t “fly of the shelf”. We had many, many showings, however no offers. In August I decided to ask for Sam Plovie’s help and it was the right decision!

Sam came over one afternoon and we sat with our tea cups and just talked as she looked over the house. The first thing she did was suggest we add two beautiful red leather chairs to our island and remove the black chairs I had been using. Immediately the house warmed up and colours started to glow. She then wandered around our house and continued in a relaxed, gentle, conversational way to make suggestions. I was so impressed with not only her ideas but in the way she worked with me. There was no judgement just excellent suggestions. We removed some furniture and the house looked bigger. We added some bright, colourful bedspreads, a huge bowl of fruit on the island and we turned on a water feature in the garden that was visible from the living room. Simple ideas, ideas that were not expensive. Two weeks later the house sold.

Coincidence? Absolutely not!!! I know Sam’s knowledge and expertise made all the difference. I don’t understand the ancient art of Feng Shui, and I have always thought it was very complex, expensive and hard to do. Sam showed me just how accessible this can be. Would I ask Sam to help me again? YES!!! Without question. In fact she is now working with me on our new home. Through my own experience I can highly recommend Sam Plovie. I know you will enjoy meeting her and working with her.

Thank you Sam.

Penny Ketola - Vernon, BC.

New Home Build

We had the pleasure of working with Samantha during the renovation of our home in Vernon, BC, in 2010. During that time, Samantha provided us a detailed report on our home and gave us one-on-one support to make small changes that could better support our family’s overall health, wealth, and relationships. With her help, we made positive changes to our home and were so pleased when her suggestions for changes created positive results.

When we chose to build our own home in Kamloops, BC, in the summer of 2013, there was no question as to whether we would approach Samantha for support and input. We knew we could rely on Samantha to provide us with personalized and professional advice, combined with unparalleled support.

With a shortlist of possible lots on which to build, Samantha immediately provided basic information about the lot that would best support our family and our future goals. Once we chose our lot, Samantha then provided us with an incredibly in-depth Feng Shui New Build report from which we and our builder could refer. In simple and direct language, Samantha suggested the optimal placement of the home on the lot, the best date for ground-breaking and the ideal placement of family members’ bedrooms, offices, and living/work spaces. She also gave us suggestions for colours, finishes, and materials that best supported the strengths in our house – while still allowing us to personalize our home to our liking. While we’d been told by friends and acquaintances that building a home could be overwhelming given the thousands of options and hundreds of decisions to be made, with Samantha’s support and guidance, we found our build extremely simple. Samantha gave us clear parameters and we made easy decisions.

After just five months after breaking ground, our home was complete – and is absolutely beautiful! Our builder remarked that our home was the quickest build on the block, much of which we attribute to a collaboration between Samantha, our gifted Feng Shui consultant, and Tim Pache, our fantastic builder.

Building our own home is one of the most gratifying experiences we’ve shared. Given our experience, we would build another home in a heartbeat – something not every homebuilder can say! If we were to do so, however, we would insist that Samantha was involved in the planning and selection process, once again. To know that each member of our family is well-supported every day is worth every penny we invested in our Feng Shui New Build service.

We wholeheartedly recommend Samantha Plovie and Chi Solutions to anyone undertaking the task of building their dream home. She is a gifted Feng Shui practitioner and a personable and professional businesswoman who has her clients’ best interests at heart.

With much gratitude,

Kirsti and Hamish Kirkness - Kamloops, BC


Sam I love your cool way of teaching me Feng Shui, I was so confused in my research, and then I found you! I learned so much with you, and the way you colour coded all the details really helped me understand. At first I was scared of the quizzes, but once I began, I loved to test myself, and enjoyed your explanations each time - really helpful to know right then and there if I had got the question right! Can't wait to complete all the modules!

Vernon, BC

Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui & Home Sale

I hire an accountant to do my books, a lawyer to take care of my business, but I had never considered a Feng Shui Expert to provide guidance in my life until I met Samantha.  Challenged with selling a home that had very little equity in it, in the middle of a divorce, and looking to make things happen quickly, I decided I was ready to try anything.  Samantha was not only professional and scientific, she delivered her information in ways I could relate to and gave me detailed things to do...including dates and tasks.  Her goal was to activate money around the sale of  my house...not to make it comfortable for me to live in...which is a different service that she provides.  She gave me insights into what to expect in my upcoming months and she was bang on!  My house is sold, my mortgage is covered and then some.  The BaZi update she provided was also bang on.  I don't need to understand how Samantha does what she does, the results speak for themselves.  I am in the process of buying a house and have engaged her services again, this time to ensure I buy the right house for me and to optimize the energy of my new home for my personal needs.

Carla Dahlen, Vernon, BC

Home Feng Shui

Our goal was to make our home a relaxing sanctuary that would be peaceful and comfortable. We shared our goals with Samantha, she felt Feng Shui would work in helping us achieve our goals. With Sam's knowledge and experience she developed a plan that would create balance and harmony in our home. Our plan included house colours, furniture placement, and accents in each room. Over the next few months we could feel a positive shift in our house and ourselves. Thank you Sam for your zest, energy and honesty, it made our project a fun adventure.

Julie and Grant

Business Feng Shui

We decided to ask Sam for her opinion of the new clinic we were opening before we started our massive remodelling project.  Having her come in at the very initial walk through gave us so many new ideas on how to use the space and really allowed us to create an open and welcoming clinic.  Sam always had the big picture in mind and could help us trouble-shoot issues that came up during the remodelling including some big decisions that included tearing down a lot of walls to balance what she saw in the building and how to support the people working within.  We could always count on a panicked email being returned with quick and clear directions and always a dose of humour!  She worked with each member of our team to find the best locations for offices, colors and how to place furniture and accents in each room.  Not a single day goes by that someone doesn’t say “Wow” when they walk in or comment on how calm and peaceful the office feels.  We feel energized, our staff is happy and our patients notice how they feel being in the clinic.  Business has been steadily growing, referrals are amazing and we know that a lot of what we have created was seen in that very first day by the charts and our personal feng shui guru, Sam!

Dr. Shelby Entner Vero Health, Vernon BC

Home Feng Shui

The whole Feng Shui process for us has been fascinating and educating experience right from the beginning!  After meeting and talking with Sam a few times we decided to have her come and consult with us on our house.  Before we met Sam she requested personal information from us and detailed floor plans of our property.  She needed this information so she could do her research before she came to our home. On her first visit, she walked us through the process of Feng Shui, what it was and what changes it may entail.  She asked us multiple questions as we did a walkthrough of our house however she knew most of the answers before we even told her!  She said “it’s in the stars”!

The next step was the question and answer period, which was an overwhelming process however so much more than we expected!  Sam knew personal things about us that we had never shared with her, but the great thing is she said we can fix things!  We put our faith and trust in her and continued with the process. Sam came back to our house for a final consultation and walked us through her findings.  She explained things as simply and thoroughly as she could, for our personal circumstance we had lots of changes to make.  We were in shock, but we were committed to her suggestions, even if it involved moving most of the furniture in our home! The process has taken us a couple of months, however we are on the home stretch on our list of recommendations. We were impressed by Sam’s professionalism and also her open door policy when it came to her Feng Shui suggestions.  I would recommend anyone to Sam who was feeling “stuck” or just needed their space to be assessed, however be prepared to do the work! Thank you Sam, you’ve changed our lives to the better and we appreciate everything you’ve done for us!

Adrienne and Adam Harris

Professional Speaking & Feng Shui

This is definitely one of the best investments I made! I was always fascinated by spaces, and creating a good flow in them is something I am playing with as long as I can remember. Over the last twenty years I read a couple of feet of books about feng shui for sure, and Flying Star Feng Shui was something I was rather skeptical about. Following Sam's talks however, made me understand the basic idea and the complexity of this craft. Of course I was thrilled and Sam's open, supportive and fun personality invited me to to ask for a consultation. To say the least the results are amazing and I am grateful every single day for her recommendations. I feel very blessed to have met her.

Dr. Victoria Jacob Space for Yoga Armstrong

Feng Shui Consultant Extraordinaire!

I met Sam through Vernon Women in Business.  She has great energy and passion for what she does.  I wanted to repaint several areas in my home so decided to have her come over and do her "Feng Shui thing" and advise on colours that would be good for  my health and harmony in the home. I was blown away with the depth of her knowledge, It was fascinating to see the  report she prepared from the information I provided. She spent the time explaining the  "why" of her recommendations. I have painted my master bedroom and the large living area of my home.  Not colours I had even considered but absolutely beautiful.  Things fell into place as she said they would. I received far more than I had expected.  She answered my endless questions and I felt that she truly cares about what I was working to achieve in my home. I would recommend her services without hesitation.

Shelley Haslett - Vernon B.C.

Career & Accreditation

"I met Samantha years ago at Kal Fitness, a gym that I go to all the time, she introduced herself and expressed great interest in gathering more information on what I do and Feng Shui in general. From then on she attended my public Feng Shui seminars, and started to study the Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui 3rd. Edition by E. Moran and Master Joseph Yu. She is totally keen on putting her knowledge to practice right away, I mentored her on various projects that came her way then. She attended the Feng Shui Research Center BC professional Feng Shui practitioner training courses in June this year, and now her career is blossoming greatly under my tutelage. With her honest and outgoing personality, great integrity, keen sense of the environment, great appreciation of balance and harmony in decor, her attention to details and lightning quick mind, her clients will benefit greatly with her involvement in improving their lives with her Feng Shui knowledge.

I am proud to have Samantha as one of my students, and look forward to having her as a colleague."

Teresa Min Yee Hwang Master of Feng Shui FSRC Chinese Astrologer, FSRC Lecturer, Interior designer

Home & Business Feng Shui

Sam was hired to do an assessment on both our home and business. She knows her stuff and really paid a lot of attention to us during and afterwords. Her knowledge was amazing and she was able to translate the details to us so they were very clear and understandable. I would recommend Sam to anyone, she is professional, timely and very easy to work with."

Heath Fletcher, Sproing Creative

Home Feng Shui

We recently had Samantha come to our home and 'work her magic'! I was so impressed by how much time she spent researching, and putting together her report, as well as the amount of time she spent explaining it all to me and my husband. We love the changes that we've made from her suggestions. I highly recommend Samantha's services to anyone who is interested in making their home a place that looks great and feels wonderful to be in!"

Krista Ingram, Vernon BC

Home Feng Shui

"Pink?" I said, "You'd like us to paint most of the inside of the house pink?"  Yes, said Samantha. A very pale pink, like white but off the base of red as she showed me some paint swatches.  "Hmmm....Okay it is!" I said enthusiastically wondering how this colour will work with our furniture, flooring, cupboards, countertops, etc... However, bring it on I thought as I was ready for change and fully committed to the process of implementing Samantha Plovie's recommendations and  I truly wanted to create more attractive, harmonious and balanced spaces in our home.

Backing up a little, I have to say that meeting Samantha Plovie briefly at a local Feng Shui Seminar/ Fundraiser left a good impression.  So much so, that I invited her to our home for an initial consultation. But before her arrival, I furiously cleaned the house from top to bottom for what seemed like a week, de-cluttering, dusting and just generally paying attention to cleaning all those spaces that get overlooked or ignored, knowing she would be looking around and doing her assessment.  Although I felt somewhat self-conscious and exposed before she arrived, Samantha quickly put me at ease. Her relaxed and personable nature was comforting and I found her very easy to talk to as we chatted over a cup of coffee.  She also engaged my husband in conversation and I must say she won him over as my husband came fully on board with our feng shui “intervention”.

Working with Samantha, I realized I didn't have to know the art and science of classic feng shui inside and out.  Samantha used laymen’s terms so I could understand the basics.  I felt safe with her and trusted Samantha in our home which I consider our sacred space. And she was most respectful. And of course there’s the Budget - a big concern for us with two small children. Could we feng shui our house for a reasonable price without going out and buying a whole lot of this and that? The answer is YES!

Samantha Plovie's assessment and final report was affordable for us and the only other expense has been paint. We're about halfway through all the recommendations.  We've almost finished painting the outside of the house, still more to paint inside but already the transformation is remarkable.  It's amazing how changing colour can uplift and affect your overall well-being.  Our whole family loves the new colours! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Samantha to anyone who is looking to create positive change in their home and life.

Sincerely, Carolyn Dickson

Home Feng Shui

When Sam came to my little townhouse for a feng shui consultation she suggested colours I would have never considered on my own. "Pink & Yellow" I don't think so. However I was paying Sam for her experience and went with what she suggested. To my total amazement I noticed immediate changes in the 'energy' in my home space. There is more even flow in my personal energy in the day and I sleep very well at night now. I had been struggling with some health issues for much of the year and they vanished after Sam's suggestions of painting certain colours, getting a chiming clock, and placing calabash's correctly: effectively practicing feng shui in my home. Now, when people come into my home the say "Wow is it ever peaceful in here." And it is. Thanks Sam for helping create an outer environment that reflects my inner one.

Sincerely, Cindy Bertrand, Vernon, BC.

Professional Speaking

I just wanted to thank you again for the informative and professional presentation you gave at our Feng Shui evening. Your knowledge of Feng Shui is clearly very detailed, but you made a complicated topic both accessible and interesting. I know people left our store that night feeling energized and with a few great ideas on how to understand their spaces better.

Alison Ludditt, The Room Collection, Vernon, BC.

Home Feng Shui

I was at an 'in between' place in my life and not sure if I should be renting or buying or... Samantha's guidance gave the assurance I was needing to hear as well as excellent recommendations to make my current living space benefit me to the maximum. She helped me understand that with certain physical 'tweeks' my home would support me in the areas that I wanted most to expand on in my life. Her insight was remarkable, amazing even! Thank you Samantha, you are always courteous, articulate and willing to help - you rock!

Happy client in Okanagan Valley, BC

Home Feng Shui

"My husband and I had the pleasure of having Sam to our house as a Feng Shui Practitioner.  We were interested in how we could better organize and arrange our house to make it a more positive living space for our family.  After her initial visit, Sam returned to us and provided us with a wonderfully-detailed report on the areas that were 'working' in our home, and areas that could use improvement.  At all times during her initial visit (as well as her follow-up consultations), she was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable ~ and we certainly knew that she was passionate about her work.  She explained her evaluation of our home clearly and, even though her suggestions were based in very technical theory, Sam had a way with words that made it very easy to understand.  Perhaps what we most appreciated was her sensitivity; she suggested the 'best' changes that could be made to certain areas of our home, but also understood our preferences for style and colour and worked with us to make decisions that appealed to us, while still recognizing the principles of Feng Shui.

I highly recommend Sam to anyone who is interested in recreating their home into a comfortable, well-organized, and positive living space."

Business Feng Shui

As the owner of Trim 'n Fit Exclusive Personal Training Studio, I was looking to provide clients a more welcoming workout environment with a stronger vitality.  In an environment where the trainers not only support individuals with fitness and nutrition, they are also oftentimes key to the actual well-being of the individual. Because of this, Andrews searched for a way to shape the workout environment to benefit both happiness and well-being. The changes Samantha recommended are being done in stages, with moving the office as the first change. It's made a huge difference.   There's more of a connected, welcoming feel.  Andrews states that “Feng shui helps reduce stress, improves health, and provides vigor and optimism” all ingredients that help people reach their fitness goals.

Johane Johane Andrews Trim 'n Fit Exclusive Personal Training Studio

Home Feng Shui

I wish to say what a pleasure it was working with Samantha Plovie of Chi Solutions as I felt very much included in the process and I learned a great deal along the way. There were specific questions that I had for Samantha concerning the direction of my work from home. I find myself at a crossroads and wondered if Feng Shui could play a part in utilizing my home to it's full potential? The report helped to clarify a great deal for me and was affirming of my own gut feelings. There is homework for me to do to correct some problem areas in the home and Samantha has encouraged me to be creative in achieving the solutions. My only regret is that I had not consulted Samantha before renovations commenced on my 80 year old East Hill home. It would have made it easier to make some of the countless decisions. Thank you Samantha Plovie.

A Satisfied Client, East Hill, Vernon, B.C