Have we met...? 

SAM-2016As you begin a search for a Feng Shui Consultant, it is rather hard to know where to begin isn't it...? You can google someone, ask your friends, read recommendations, and you can begin to build a picture of someone... And then there is the unspoken part, the intuitive trust in your gut instinct.... and that is my favourite!

I notice I meet new people when I am supposed to: not a moment sooner, not a moment later. Completely on schedule in a way so precise as only the Universe can lay down.

I chuckle when I hear business people set their goals for the year, and announce their exact intent, which looks wonderfully professional... until life steps in with its twists & turns that you did not see coming.... Maybe it's time you connect with someone who can see what's coming... Um hello... I am right here you know!

Chances are, someone has said to you recently "you need to meet Sam.." or "I so understand what you are going through, that was me before I met Sam..."

Maybe it's time you had "A Sam" of your own - I think it is....

Curious to know more about me...? Yay, I love to share my:

Not one to be lost for words.... we could chat all day, all you need to do is connect with me, and you'll kinda have me at hello....

Curious to know a little more me... have you heard