Yay - it's your Birth-day!

Are you curious to know a little more about your personal birth chart, especially the many gifts within you..? Sure you are.....

Most everyone knows the Chinese animal year of their birth (remember the Chinese calendar is February to February) however that is only one part of you... I pay much more attention to the day of your birth - your Day Master - bet you're curious to know what that is...

Enter your birthdate (to the nearest hour you know) below, click calculate and you will see fascinating information appear right before your very eyes.... ooh how fun!

Day-Pillar 08-56-06Now we have your birth chart, let's focus on the information at the top of that Day part, as that is our discussion for today. This area tells me all about the dominant Qi on the day of your birth and this very top part is known as the Day Master, and that my friend is where I find You! Yes of course the other 3 pillars are important parts of you (our private consult will cover those) for now, simply read on and learn all about the amazing you, as I find you oh so very fascinating!

Jia: Yang + Wood

Jia-tall-treeFor Jia, a positive visual is that of a tall tree, and you are likely to stand head and shoulders above others, and be noticed simply by your presence - I do not refer to your height... You have strong roots which foster your close family ties, however those roots may hold you back sometimes, as trees do not move easily... There is likely a stubborn streak that resolutely states how things are... and I expect that chin slightly dropped to your chest as you read this... You are very knowledgeable and others come to you for the answers they seek... however, you may be a tad longwinded in your reply, as you feel your voice is the one that e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e should listen to.... yawn... If we are looking for key attributes, we can easily see you are protective of those you love, direct in your approach, possibly outspoken there's that voice again... very dependable & responsible. You are a thinker, and may withdraw inward at times, possibly too much, as then actual actions are overlooked... but you'll sure plan the heck out of what action could be taken... If we go back to that tree visual, trees stand the test of time right, they sway in the wind, they rarely fall down, and they don't change direction - I mean seriously, they can't, their roots are firmly planted deep in the earth. This makes for a traditional outlook, sometimes conservative, and definitely one that leans to educating others in some format. Put it this way, if I were in trouble, I would love to stand beside you, as you would protect me and provide knowledgeable information to help me move ahead, and I kinda like that about you!

Yi: Yin - Wood

Yi-yin-woodAha... so you are that crafty Yi person who is flexible, curious, and with the ability to move when situations change... I expect you are good at yoga too!  You are the witty one, quite charming, and alarming good at getting what you want out of a negotiation... Yi is visually like a vine creeper, as you have far more flexibility than your Jia counterpart, and can access nooks and cranny's to get wherever you need to go. You my friend, can look at any wall placed in front of you, and immediately start working out how to get around it right..? Right. You are likely to be graceful, not pushy in any way, however that charm and adaptive approach of yours will get the end result you seek, as where there is a will, there sure is a way... I expect you are creatively expressive, possibly arts, or writing... definitely something unique. Others may watch you for direction, as you know how to behave in social circles, and excellent manners are simply within your every move. Now all these lovely traits also show that you may not stand your ground as much as you could... work on that ok: you don't have to please everyone - you can't anyway... There is also a part of you that loves to entertain, do you like acting...? I expect you have dabbled somewhere, as there is a part of you that likes to perform and seeks the spotlight... Just like the flowering vine that grows upwards toward the sun... so too do you. Be aware that others have the power to prune you, or worse, cut you down to size (!) so remember that your opinion counts too! You may allow your emotions to sway you at times... and while I love your soft endearing heart, I admire your perseverance more, so go show 'em how it's done!

Bing: Yang + Fire

Bing-sunFor Bing, you need to envision the sun, the real huge, hot, bright, ever-burning, brilliant sun that radiates down upon us... That my friend, is you: and you are spectacular! As such a yang source of fire, you are like the energizer bunny, as there are no batteries or recharging required, in fact, you recharge everyone else with your energy. Uniquely special, I for one rarely work with Bing Day Masters, as you are usually calling the shots by yourself... in fact, I am likely to sidle up to you for warmth and direction! Your generosity knows no bounds, and I expect you are extremely charitable, both with your time, your money, your mind... your life. Just like the sun rises every day, and sets every eve, you can be counted upon. Routine is very important to you, and you work best when you can organise everything, and have everyone else follow your direction. Such a strong core has a few downfalls as we must remember that the world does revolve around the sun.... not the other way around... and you are likely to consider yourself the centre of all things. Is this terrible..? Are you a terrible self-centred person...? Highly unlikely, your desire to help will override this mostly... Now there will be an ego within you, and only you can answer if it is in proportion... Can you have a solar flare up from time to time, and scorch those around you....? Sometimes yes... maybe tone it down a bit, and send a warm sunbeam rather than a lightening bolt ok... Whatever you decide to do in life, you will give it your all, and become successful, as that fire you hold within is very passionate... and I expect your life is full of passion 😉

Ding: Yin - Fire

Ding-candlesSuch a gentle fire, I liken you to a candle, as you most certainly light the way for others. With your mind intently focused, you have the ability to shine a light for others to see down their dimly lit tunnel, and will be quite self-sacrificing in the process. You will find a way out of any dark situation, and genuinely like to assist others in need: yours is the hand held out openly for others to grasp. We can even say you are the defender of the weak, as you will champion a cause to ensure it gets the attention it deserves - simply remember to take care of yourself in the process! Unlike the Yang Fire of Bing, you are more understated, and less likely to be the centre of attention... but you may try to be... Personified as this gentle candle that shines for others, the biggest challenge is that you are likely to burn down, run out of wick for fuel... and be extinguished... This is a clear indicator that you must, and I mean must, take care of yourself. Carve out healing time, rejuvenating time, and personal time - others will keep demanding pieces of you, you will keep giving, and the best lesson in life for you is to learn to say no. A good friend of mine taught me that "when you learn to say no - you grow" (thanks Shirley!) and this is especially true for you. Learn to be part of a team, and understand that strength for you may come in numbers or partnerships, so surround yourself with the right people. Such a razor sharp intelligence, you can be quite cheeky, so be prepared to land in hot waters if you pursue such a witty path. Your thoughts can be manipulated, and it is best you continually build your knowledge, as that will give you the stability and reassurance you seek.

Wu: Yang + Earth

Wu-rocky-mountainNow this is one of my favourite Day Masters, as I love to tease you oh so very much....! You see Wu is Yang Earth, and the visual that best defines this is that of a solid strong mountain. Mountains can be indomitable and a tad rocky... and I for one, so love to scale such mountains.... Are you wondering what's funny about that...? Well, you are likely to turn the tables on me and cleverly make it so everything I do, is done for you, your way, on your terms, under your direction... all without me noticing until it's over..... Are ya pickin' up what I'm puttin' down here..? You are an incredible networker, very socially orientated, and extremely motherly: all fabulous traits to be proud of! Now there is an underlying control aspect within such strength, as mountains take up a lot of landscape space, and others may feel a heavy shadow across them, so be careful with that.  You are honest to a fault, reliable in any and every situation, and likely a pillar in your community. Whatever you set your mind to, it will manifest, and I often wonder if you have found the elusive Aladdin's lamp, as anything becomes possible if you are involved. Such strong earth has interesting key traits that divide in two main ways. There will be a tendency to accumulate, and this can be friends, wealth and those great connections, and these areas will be positive in life as they are inherently within you. The flip side of that is this accumulation aspect also focuses around your midriff area, which make exercise and positive diet an important focus as you mature. For me, I say enjoy life, and if there is a little more of you, then there is simply more of you to love isn't there!

Ji: Yin - Earth

Ji-soilThe best visual that comes to mind for you, is that of nurturing soil, which may sound a tad negative, however it truly is not! You have this innate power to grow others to fruition, and that my friend is truly amazing. You are incredibly resourceful, and just like your Wu earth counterpart, are very well connected: I expect everyone knows your name... Very capable and productive, you have many talents within your toolbox, however you probably hide what you can do behind your gracious and unassuming soft-spoken approach - you may need to showcase what you can do more... With an adaptable point of view, you can see things others miss, as you take the time to look closely and consider all the options, not just the first one appearing. Hardworking is simply who you are, and you don't wear that as a badge of honour, you simply 'do' and get on with it. Others probably come to you as you know where the connections are, who to go to, who has what, and in today's modern world, you are excellent on the internet... probably have google search as your home page... There is a true aspect of servitude about you, no I don't mean you cannot lead, as you certainly can, I refer to your desire to help, your community minded concerns, and your love of taking care of others. A gentle soul, you may hide things within at times, but once your friends get to know you... boy are they lucky, as you are a most dear friend for life!

Geng: Yang + Metal

Geng-swordHmmm.... Wow, Geng is very strong metal indeed, and for you... there is need to be forged with the correct amount of fire to become useful... and that is why a sword becomes the visual of choice here. Powerful and driven, you can withstand an incredible amount, however that will cause you to come out swinging at times... Just like steel, there is a sense of endurance, and some may need to avoid your broad swing... Others may be assisted by your sword, or cut down to size.... be careful of that. Now all is not negative here, as you are very responsible, and will fight for the righteous cause of those in need, somewhat becoming their knight in shining armour. There is a part of you that loves this, and a quiet boring life is not for you, as such inner strength is always there, just under the surface, and as such, it needs to be utilized well... Like a knight of the round table, you are focused on the righteous outcome, and brotherhood (or sisterhood) is important to you: no man/woman left behind is likely your modus operandi! Now a flip side to such a gallant outlook is that you may be a tad impulsive... as you want to win... in fact, you insist upon it. Is this a huge problem for you..? Well, it maybe... so try to remember that winning is not all its cut out to be...(did you get my play on words there...?) Use your voice well, and ye shall be rewarded... Use your voice as a sword... and others will continually attack you... Focus forward on using your inner valour wisely, and others will stand beside you with ease.

Xin: Yin - Metal

Xin-diamond-jewelryYou know, they say diamonds are a girls best friend... so boy are you popular! Oh my, you are like a delicate sparkling jewel, most often externally beautiful, and very attractive to the opposite sex... whichever one that is. For this reason, diamonds really reflect who you are, as there is an inner sparkle that catches other's attention, even when you are not trying to... Appearance is important to you, and a gym membership (or two) is most definitely in your wallet, as you take great pride in how you look. This also trails over to clothing, and I bet you have 3 of everything... and probably more than 1/2 of your shared closet space.... as well as the closet down the hall... and the one in the guest room... Your home is likely to have some of the luxury items you adore, and you feel it is important to surround yourself with beautiful things - this is Aok... as long as you can afford them. Try to balance your raven moments (shiny things do catch your eye...) with logic and practical application, otherwise you may find yourself with a rather large shiny credit card bill... Understand that others will watch you, so be aware of your actions, and build your connections well. Some people may stay aloof, as they are unclear of your intent, and may be uneasy with all the glitters around you, so ensure they can see the jewel you are within. You are a trusted confidante, holding friendships most dear, and you are a very considerate and thoughtful person indeed....

Ren: Yang + Water

Ren-waveFrom the darkest deepest depths... to the glistening cresting waves above, there is oh so much about you isn't there! I liken you to the largest ocean, far reaching with unfathomable depths, and restlessly moving, even when you appear calm on the surface. A tremendously deep thinker, your emotions run wild, and this may cause some anxieties through life, so always seek the sun to maintain a healthy warm balance. We say the ocean and the sun have a most harmonious relationship, as the ocean enjoys the warm rays of the sun as they reach down, and the sun loves to see its image upon the reflective surface of the ocean.... There is an intensity about you, something is always shifting behind those eyes of yours, and others may be ill at ease in your presence. Will you use this to their disadvantage..? Yes sometimes you will, so please be mindful of how you make others feel. You possess an unstoppable nature, one that can gush forth like a crashing wave, and then recede stealthily like the outgoing tide. This makes you a dynamic individual with a zest for movement and a thirst for travel - you should definitely travel by the way. Highly intelligent, you are innovative, creative and likely to lead or be an entrepreneur, and others will follow in your wake. Your inner adventurous nature will take you far, and may encourage you to stray to pastures new, and there is most definitely a free spirited sense to who you really are... Sometimes you may seek new shores to crash your waves upon... and I ask you to be aware of this desire to experience change, as the sand is not always more golden on such new shores... even though it beckons you with a glistening promise...

Gui: Yin - Water

Gui-rain-dropsAhh... the tip tap of the gentle rainfall, the early morning dew, and the gently forming mist on a Autumnal day... all of these describe you beautifully! Where Ren is the vibrant ocean, you are the liquid love that embraces each day, and your gentleness is paramount in everything you do. Encouraging to others, you nurture, you create, and your inspiring presence caresses those near and dear to you. A gifted speaker, you are clearly eloquent, and most kind in all you say, and I highly doubt a harmful word comes forth... and if it were to escape (as to err is human after all) you would quickly rescind it, with a heartfelt apology. Others may mistake you for a soft person... however there is a strong inner resilience that can overflow and flood if the need arises... and those who mistakenly try to control you, will feel this from time to time, as you cannot be contained. A free spirit, there is a wanderlust within and you simply must be allowed freedom. A very wise soul, you can advise extremely well, and are a natural born philosopher with a very intuitive view on life. I expect some of your nearest friends may not fully understand you, as you are somewhat of an enigma. So much going on within that mind of yours, and you likely use this to your advantage, and enjoy keeping others guessing.... cool, I love a bit of mystery!

When we work together, I assess the longitude and latitude of your birth location, and whether Daylight Savings was in effect at the time of your birth - this online calculator is simply a fun glimpse for you. If you read through these areas, and something did not jive within you, I expect your birth hour is incorrect. When a person is born close to midnight, then this online calculator may give an incorrect reading - and that is where I come in 🙂  

Special thanks to Danny Van den Berghe for creating this amazing online calculator!