2018 Year of the Earth Dog

While many feel our year has been shining brightly since January 1st, not quite - drumroll - will the real 2018 step forward please...

Hello 2018 Wu Xu!

More commonly known as Earth Dog, Wu Xu has been tentatively toying with us since October 2017, with a real push to transitional power this last month - now he's here and raring to go! Remember that song "who let the dogs out..?" Yep, get ready to play people, get ready to play 🙂

Where 2017 was volatile with an unpredictable Rooster creating a ruckus in the barnyard, 2018 will try to settle things down to encourage collaborations and new partnerships.

That's not to say it's a walk in the park, nope, not at all: this Dog does not want to be kept on a leash! He is determined to run free and a connection between trainer and trainee must be established. Throw that frisbee without careful training in hand and you'll be the one looking in the long grass while the Dog has fun chasing geese down by the pond...

Even though 2018 can provide some much needed stability, we have an unpredictable essence flickering around that likes to start things... and not always finish them... Uh-oh.

Be prepared to put in long hours of disciplined work if you want to reshape your world into something tangible this year. Like a dog with a bone, you must show determination with well thought out decisions and firm planning. Sit in your comfy dog house, unclear of what to do or where to go and you'll find the year will pull you around by the tail.

I think we can agree, you need to be in charge of that tail right....

Pay close attention to your personal world this month, as the leader of each new year always gives us a glimpse of what is to come as they enter and the Dog is no different. I call it a personal snapchat; like a series of polaroids, you will receive indicators of how the next 12 months are to play out for you, all you gotta do is pay attention to:

  • who comes sniffing around for a walk in the park...?
  • what obstacles trip you up on the agility course...?
  • who tries to put you in the Dog house..?
  • is it the Lady or the Tramp who gets that last bit of spaghetti...?

Ok, ok, that last one was a tad cheeky, but you get the jist right?

Alrighty, so if we click our red shoes together and look to the global picture (we sure ain't in Kansas anymore...) we still have some turmoil. The Dog is 1 of the 4 'Graveyard Animals' which means there is a depth to him that is slightly dangerous... Because 2018 is Wu (Yang Earth) we have double trouble with the actual earth element, which can mean real earth movement, collapse and problems from underneath the ground.

Although it seems rather tongue in cheek to continually reference the Dog and the Earth aspect, rest assured: I am simply playing with words for your benefit.

The translation from the technical aspect of 2018 is strongly present in all I write here for you to transfer into your life with ease. Not all countries will have landslides, earthquakes or explosions from under the ground - it just doesn't work like that, and you don't have to adopt a Dog to have a prosperous 2018!

Understand that the friendly persona of the Dog is here with an element of free will within, so a commanding approach is needed. Focus and companionship will win the day and you will see problems from last year finally be resolved and new ventures bound forward. For those that dare to dig deep into their resourceful doggy bag, most anything can be accomplished. Remember, there are 4 paws at the ready, just waiting for you to say 'go fetch!'

Are you wondering about Chinese Astrology and the Dog..?

Well, in a nutshell, the Dog:

  • has an affinity with the Tiger and the Horse
  • will try to bully the Goat and the Ox
  • cause interference with the Rooster
  • encourage obsessive tendencies for the Goat
  • creates obstacles for the Dragon

Do not worry if some of this applies to you, I assure you, some of this applies to me too! 

Have no fear, Sam is here and together we can figure this out in your Annual Update. If you need a quick fix right now though, pop over HERE and check out Astrology forecasts by a friend of mine; Joey, he's a pretty cool dude! And HERE for Feng Shui Afflicted areas & a general 'who's who' in 2018.

So how do you handle 2018 then? 

Our beloved Dog has a tremendous loyal streak, he's going to help you overcome obstacles placed before you and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. Best way to approach 2018 is to embrace his modus operandi:

  • greet everyone with excitement
  • forgive and forget
  • love unconditionally
  • BFF's forever
  • squish your nose up to the window of life and leave your mark on it!

Wanna make it big in 2018, go on.... be the one who lets those Dogs out - woof woof!

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