Ready for the chicken dance..?

Sure glad that Monkey has swung off somewhere else! Mischievous guy had us all over the place with a year of tumultuous changes, shocking results, and terrible harm. Our emotions were up, down, sideways and turned inside out.

2017 is Ding You, which is Yin Fire over Yin Metal Rooster, and that makes it very different from Bing Shen of 2016.


2016 was full of Yang energy, which is active, fast paced, explosive, in your face, and it was fighting within itself, so not surprising we had such explosively bad situations.

2017 is more Yin in nature, and this will help to bring about healing, with more attention to our own actions. While the elements of Ding You are still not smooth, they are less dramatically explosive... but still ignitable...

Does that make 2017 a super smooth year, is the fighting around the world over, and we're about to join hands and sing Kumbaya around the campfire..? While there certainly will be a lot or real fires... we seem to have no collective marshmallows handy to keep those fires friendly...

The Rooster will bring forward our emotions, and when we pull from within, we tend to release more than we bargained for, and some will become anxious... Decision-making may be strained, and confusion may trouble some minds.... There is a smaller sense of fire for 2017, referencing firearms and bullets... so the madness of shootings are not over, and may even intensify. 2016 gave us large explosions, 2017 is more finitely focused now, more people focused.... and dare I say missile focused... Yes I dare.

Uncertainty may rise quickly, and just like a spark, who knows where that will go... no, seriously, I'm saying who knows..? Because I don't.

A spark can jump erratically, and change direction all too quickly. The solution will be calm reasoning, and assured actions, as fighting fire with fire... well, we know where that goes.. A cool approach is the winner here, probably with a large fire hose handy. Don't get me wrong, if some maniac comes out blasting, I support the use of force to take them down. The cool reasoning reference is more political... as situations can escalate with silly words being fired back and forth.

Ok, enough doom and gloom, not productive at all.

A Peach Blossom animal by nature, the Rooster will draw our eyes to those that bedazzle us, and many will polish their professional personas with extra zeal. The new 'P' word in PR will actually be posturing, as powerful people vie for position, and ego tantrums with fireworks are likely... Those in the spotlight will do well if they pay attention to their PR people, and let them work their magic to ensure all looks glitzy and golden.

Will such glitz hide something more tarnished... yep. Remember, all that glitters is most often not gold...

What better industry represents gold than tinsel town itself... Ah yes, Hollywood will shine brightly, and (as we've seen already with politics mixing in with awards ceremonies) it will manoeuvre the spotlight to where it wants it to be. Dangerous territory you ask...? I would say definitely. Celebrities & Politicians seem to have melded as one, and is that really a positive partnership...? Me thinks not.

If we consider industries, IT features, and I expect we'll see great innovations. Ready for a newly designed iPhone anyone..? You will be soon. On that note (get it... Samsung note... Ok, maybe I won't give up my day job..) Samsung took a hit last year, and their team will likely find and fix their fire issue now, and begin to recover.

Interestingly enough, if we consider the Yin Fire aspect of 2017... while Samsung may uncover what the issue was... I'm not sure we've seen the end of electrical gadget fires... unfortunately they fit perfectly with the year.

Jewellery and finely detailed machinery feature positively, as they pull from the Yin Fire and Metal exceptionally well. If they partner with fabulous ad campaigns, then they are really hitting the target in 2017 aren't they. Other companies developing new technology will advance fast, and we'll be pleasantly surprised (and impressed) with all the gadgetry coming forward.

Are you wondering how does any of this apply to you personally..? Well, it will all depend, an annual forecast is a scope of potentials, very hard to pin down to an exactness...

So how do you approach 2017 then?

With your eyes wide open, proudly standing tall, realistic viewpoint, achievable goals, and passion!

If you want to have a good year, as Captain Picard proudly states: "Make is so!"

2017 will unfold as it wants to: we are merely along for the ride. Do not live in fear of "OMG what could be..?", turn that around to "Wow, look at what could be..!!"

It's all perception right.

Be the person you strive to be. Live the life you want to live, and make the most of every glorious moment!

Then, and only then, can you reap the rewards gifted by our dear Rooster of 2017, as she is a loving character by heart, all you gotta do is work with her characteristics.



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