There is much mystery around Feng Shui, and yet there really needn't be. Yes it is an ancient subject, but we live in a modern world, and the two can blend quite harmoniously....

How about we demystify some of the confusion right here, right now...

What is Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui is the art and science that determines how a space will affect you.

Yes I could regale you with technical terms, however... that is more for those who wish to be my student. If you are considering hiring Chi Solutions, or perusing this website for information, I like to keep things clean and clear 🙂

Feng Shui has a simple and exact meaning: Feng is wind, Shui is water - there you have it all, the secret is no more.... Well ok, actually it is a bit more than that....

Classic Feng Shui can change your life, and once you begin, you will wonder why on earth you didn't start sooner! When a space is balanced with Feng Shui principles, you will feel it in every aspect and life can improve dramatically. Promotions that were missed, will surface again. Relationships that struggled and were problematic, can once again combine and solidify. Financial difficulties that held you back, can be turned around and new opportunities appear!

All you have to do is want to make a change in your life, and find yourself  "A Sam" - Um hello.... I am right here ya know... 

How do I say Feng Shui & does it really matter ?

Great question, and it is not like Beetlejuice - say it three times and bad stuff begins to happen... it is all ok. Feng Shui is only two words that simply mean Wind & Water and how could they be bad in any way... let us sound them out together:

  • Feng is the word for Wind and is pronounced Fung 
  • Shui is the word for Water and is pronounced Shoy (rhymes with Choy in Bok Choy)

There you have it, my work here is done!....

You will hear other ways of pronouncing Feng Shui, and my advice to you is gently simple: it does not really matter how you say it... it is far more important that you understand what it is....

Is Feng Shui a religious belief - a cult of some kind ?

Nada. Nyet. Cha. Yo. Nein - Doesn't matter what language you speak, the answer will still be a firm and resounding No.

Feng Shui has no religious connotation or superstitious belief and does not require you to start worshipping an animal or a moon... It really is all about opening yourself up to the possibilities that are all around you.

By understanding the space you are in, and how it affects you, you can learn to live and work with the energy and not against it.

While you may not be able to see what is in your home -  I can, and I can help you improve things dramatically.  

Is Feng Shui only for my home ?

While your home is my preferred starting point, how and where we optimize Feng Shui in your life is entirely up to you.

Feng Shui can be applied to any space: home, office, small business, corner shop or large corporation.

Any and every space can benefit from positive Feng Shui application. All you have to do is connect with me, and want to make a change... remember if nothing changes, nothing changes....

Can I use Feng Shui in my business ?

Business Feng Shui is my largest growth area right now, as business's are understanding how I can help them achieve success - and quickly!

If you want to generate more wealth, loyal clients, productive staff and the business you dreamed of... great because that is what I want for you too...! Time for us to chat isn't it

How do I know you are legitimate Sam - are you certified ?

I am a certified Feng Shui Lecturer & Chinese Astrologer from the Feng Shui Research Centre of Toronto - established by Master Joseph Yu. I am trained specifically in Xuan Kong Fei Xing, one of the most complex Feng Shui teachings, with support from extensive studies -  read up on my education.

My studies are maintained by many Masters from around the world and I continually update my knowledge so that I am able to provide the most conclusive solutions for my clients.

I may have studies in something very old... however I keep my education very new.....

Can I afford Feng Shui ?

The real question is, can you afford not to..?

Your decision to work with me should be based on whether you seek to improve your life, your business and yourself - not on my fee structure.

Once we begin our work together, I understand your finances and I will help you make them better: Choose your Chi Service