Business Success with Feng Shui


Your business plan is perfection... employees hired and the doors open for sales... and yet... success seems to elude you....

I hear this scenario all the time, and welcome such an opportunity to help you take your business to the next level.

The correct business location is essential to your success, and understanding your current position and how to improve upon that is very important.

With my expertise in Feng Shui, Da Gua & Chinese Astrology I can see what eludes you in a way that no financial planner or business coach ever can. Your company vision is clear and your planning precise: my Feng Shui expertise is even more so. I will identify how to achieve your goals by evaluating your space & staff to ensure your company:

  • is financially successful
  • retains staff
  • attracts new clients & encourages client loyalty
  • where you want it to be...

Curious to know how we can work together..? The possibilities are endless - let us take a look at your options to make your company the successful business you have always meant for it to be. Our first step together is a Feng Shui analysis and Staff Evaluations geared to support you and your staff. Next we move onto Annual updates so that each year you are ready for the valuable opportunities heading your way.

Are you ready to become more successful ...?

A Business Feng Shui Consultation will help you

  • improve your financial situation
  • allocate effective work spaces
  • explore staff strengths & placement
  • support your staff

Your Feng Shui report will provide the recommendations suitable for your business success and future growth. Each area will be discussed with options on staff placement, colour enhancements & furniture/equipment location. I will present the analysis back to you in a simple format with prioritized recommendations. Your business will be stronger when everyone works efficiently toward your goals, with the foundation and knowledge you need for success!

A Successful Consultation requires your

  • location address
  • site plan & floor plan for every floor
  • business description
  • year of build (or) business open
  • employee birth date information

Feng Shui is all about understanding how a space will affect your business, you & your employees, and collecting detailed information is the key to a successful consultation. You will have access to a secure online questionnaire for you and your staff, and provide Chi Solutions with plans/surveys in jpg format - preferably electronically. 

Business Annual Updates will

  • focus on wealth potentials for the upcoming year
  • outline successful avenues for your business
  • prepare you for potential challenges with customers &/or staff
  • are tailored to your business goals
  • give you peace of mind to make informed decisions best suited to your business success

Annual updates are essential for the continual success once a Feng Shui analysis is complete. Every year brings new opportunities and my expertise will help you understand how to work effectively toward your goals.

Staff BaZi Consultations provide you with a

  • solid understanding of your staff & their strengths
  • clear guidance on how to support your staff
  • positive direction for staff alignment within your company
  • assist you with hiring new staff

Staff consultations are designed to help you help your staff. If your staff are performing well: you will perform well, it really is that simple...

Incorporating Date Selection will help you

  • plan business events for optimum success
  • target sales promotions for the best financial gain
  • organise customer & staff events to build strength & loyalty

Align your goals with date selection and watch your business grow, your events be more successful and your staff empowered to succeed . We all know that timing is everything, and I can define that timing for you - all you have to do is ask...