Your Feng Shui in 2018

Each New Year we excitedly look toward developing our dreams, exploring our hopes and making the year ahead the best it can be.

We make those New Year's resolutions and convince ourselves that this year will be different right. We state loud and clear for all to hear that we will lose that weight, get that new promotion and we will turn those negative habits around... and then reality sets in, and reality is far less forgiving than dreams are....

Did you know Feng Shui can help with you make the most out of every year..? Absolutely it can, and for the best results, you are wise to commission an Annual Update so you know exactly what to do, where to do it and when to do it!

If we are working together, you will have your Annual Update with a more detailed online link for 2018. If we have yet to meet... this is a little gift for you 🙂


Below I have written to each area - briefly. If we have not met, I do not know your home, so this information is for awareness & sharing. When we work together on your home, only then will I advise activations, changes and possible cures - until we meet - enjoy the read!

#1 Northwest

The Northwest heralds in a lovely energy that can assist with communication, writing and research as well as creativity and a little Peach Blossom thrown in - that's code for romance folks...! Using the Northwest area of your home will give you the upper hand in these areas and help you reap big rewards. Primarily I love the wisdom aspect that will reside in the Northwest this year - if you find yourself searching for the answer, looking for guidance and generally wishing upon a star for inspiration... do that here, and ye shall receive assistance!

#2 West

Aha, here is our sickness energy for the year - well actually she governs way more than that, but let's stick with the basics for now. When she's in the Central Palace she has a more global reach, whereas this year, she is a tad more focused and that makes her more problematic.... If you are ill, have a low immune system or are depleted in some way, it is advised not to spend too much time in the West part of your home. I like to have metallic objects (love Calabash!) and the sound of metal in this area, as it helps to pacify this energy.

#3 Northeast

Hmmm.... this energy is a tad aggressive, quite pushy, and wants to get things done... his way! Only people who are competitive, and prepared to go that extra mile can benefit from this area, otherwise there will be a sense of competitors getting one over on you... This is also an argumentative area, so if you need to have that all important discussion, be prepared to do it somewhere else please! On a deeper level, those how dare to push the envelope can make wealth in the Northeast, as a special combination referred to as a HeTu is in the house, and wealth is on their agenda....    

#4 South

....Love is in the air... ahh... how sweet... actually, the South brings forth much more than love. This area can be used for academic advancement, study, creativity and basically any type of education you like. If this part of your home has existing good Feng Shui, then it is a great area to actively use this year! If this is a home office area, then focus is to be paid on the educational and creative aspect of what you do. If this is your main door, then be aware you are likely to want to study more, invest in art and find yourself paying attention to the artistic things in life this year, with a smidgen of romance thrown in!

#5 North

Um.. an area to be super careful with this year as the energy approaching from the North is very dictatorial, very Imperial, and not one to follow orders... especially yours...! If you are building an Empire or heading up something big, you can use this: however... do be careful folks! I would like to see you have a chiming clock or similar sound in this area - failing that, play music, that will help appease the strength that is here. If your main door is in the North, it is advised to use another entry as much as possible. Now let's remember that in real life we do remain practical above all else, so adjust accordingly ok. No-one expects you to turn your house upside down each year - simply be aware.

#6 Southwest

Career success, and noble people to assist you is what arrives from the Southwest this year, which is why you see a Dragon in the visual. 2018 is a great year to tap into this well my friends as you can advance with the help of authoritative people! If your home office is here and it has good existing Feng Shui, you are likely to progress in your career: good for you! If your front door is in the Southwest, you will see opportunities come forward and you are likely to be recognised for your efforts. Who knows, maybe you'll get that gold star you've been eyeing up....!

#7 East

Hmmm..... got a hammer ready... this energy is both destructive... and yet reconstructive at the same time... This is useful if you are breaking something down and rebuilding it. There is a tendency to experience gossip and a dose of backstabbing associated with this energy, so be aware of that, and always, always, take the high road! If you stoop down to engage the gossip, watch out, you'll be the one embroiled in a vicious web... For those of you re-doing something in business, as long as you are shaking things up and making changes, this can work for you. Try to hold the peace, stand still with a "we've always done it that way"... yeah .. good luck with that!

#8 Southeast

Show me the money! Yep, you heard me right: money! Wealth advances from the Southeast in 2018, so please keep this area clean, open, in good working order and use it lots. If this is not your home office, maybe you can make some of those important calls in this area, or work on your laptop to finalize documents...? Be creative and simply find ways to spend some time in the Southeast of your home this year, you'll thank me later....   

#9 Central Palace

Aha, now we have something to work with for future wealth, career growth and new ventures - however, this is in the Central Palace of the home, which makes it the core of the home, and not so easy to access. This is an influence if you will, sort of like a feeling or sensation, and you will likely find yourself planning and exploring new ideas for the future. Perfect!

Afflicted Areas for 2018

Northwest – W1

Tai Sui (Grand Duke) resides in Xu (Dog)

Personal Representation: Anyone born year of the Dog
Challenge: Accidents, unwanted mishaps, medical setbacks

Because the Dog is the leader of 2018, the first 15º of the Northwest compass location holds power over the other 12 animals, and this area should not be disturbed. At work do not linger in the Northwest area, and do not face it either, especially in meetings, even if this is one of your auspicious directions. Whenever possible, place the Northwest to your back so you may garner this powerful strength and utilize its support. Do not renovate this sector for 2018 though, you will not be able to divert the Tai Sui's wrath..!

Southeast – E1

Sui Po (Year Breaker) resides in Chen (Dragon)

Personal Representation: Anyone born year of the Dragon
Challenge: Serious accidents, serious mishaps, serious medical setbacks

As the opposing force of the Tai Sui, I actually refer to this one as the 'twin' of the Tai Sui because you will have the wrath of the Grand Duke when annoyed. In residence for the 1st 15º of the Southeast compass direction, this is commonly referred to as the Year Breaker. As the quieter twin, this one can be overlooked, however its wrath is fierce, and each twin will always come to the aid of the other - often with a devastating effect. Do not renovate this sector for 2018: leave it alone.

North - All

San Sha (Three Killings)  & 5 Yellow

Personal Representation: Anyone born year of the Rat
Challenge: Robberies, accidents, loss of wealth, persistent complications

With such a negative title, and company of the 5, it is no surprise that the North is super problematic for 2018. The biggest challenge is the San Sha ‘splits’ into three: Jie Sha (Robbery) Jai Sha (Calamity) and Sui Sha (Year Sha). Do not have San Sha (North) at your back: you must confront this negative Sha head on. Remember, 3’s a crowd, and you do not want these 3 energies activated in your home. As for the 5, leave him alone, and he will do the same for you.  Absolutely no renovations in the North for 2018!