Feng Shui is the art and science of understanding how a space can affect you, and as such, it responds positively to beauty both outside & inside your space.

Many people who live with Feng Shui often seek artwork to enhance their space after a consultation, and have found it hard to find the applicable artwork - until now that is!

Heather Wiseman Art provides a most unique approach to the harmonizing of Art with Feng Shui.

As a successful Consultant, I am thrilled to have found Wiseman, for myself and my clients! I admire her intuitive creativeness with the elements, and her ability to understand how they can be transformed.

Wiseman has learned to transfer her inner passion onto canvas, in a way so intrinsically beautiful that you smile, even without realizing you are smiling... One look at any of the many pieces Heather has to offer, and you are drawn into each tiny brushstroke, and carefully crafted droplet that produce layer upon layer of visual chemistry.

I have consulted with Wiseman to provide my in depth knowledge for clarity with each element; from its colour, directional movement, feel & shape. Wiseman is a tremendously fast learner, and literally absorbed all I spoke to. Her paintings most often have "fire", "water", or "metal" influences, providing clients great options for correct Feng Shui Art installation.

Wiseman paints with the true soul of an instinctive artist, a creator, an individualist who knows no bounds.  She loves the challenge of taking all the required supporting elements & colours, and channelling them into beautiful works of art for her collectors & Feng Shui commissions.

A valued friend, and exceptional artist, I am blessed to have this custom artwork in my own home.

As I wake each morning, I lose myself in the myriad of movement & the soft undulating sense of water. I gain comfort in the knowledge that this art brings a cooling balance exactly where needed.

Thank you Heather, I love my painting!