Feng Shui Calculator


For Feng Shui, we use a technique called Flying Star Feng Shui, professionally known as Xuan Kong Fei Xing, which is the classic form of Feng Shui, that involves time and space in its calculations, and one of my best areas of expertise!

If you have an understanding of how to take a Magnetic compass reading of your home, then you are ready to create a natal chart here with me.

A natal chart is the a birth chart of a home, and will provide a map of what energy was captured at the build point of the home, which in turn helps us understand what type of experiences are likely to occur for the people living in the home.

If a home has been majorly renovated, the original build date may not be useful.. and the renovation date more so. This is where the Pro's step in, as such an assessment requires a detailed analysis.

All professionals learn to calculate a home natal chart by hand.. literally on our hands in a unique pattern, and we call it flying the stars.

For you... a little help with flying those stars is important, and has been carefully prepared in this online calculator by Danny Van den Berghe of Fourpillars.net - enjoy!

If you are wondering what all those boxes of numbers mean.... maybe it's time we have a chat....