Your Personal Happiness

You found your perfect home, the picket fence is white, the garage holds the latest cars, and the children have a neighbourhood that Mr Rogers would be proud of... and yet... something eludes you...

While HGTV will say otherwise, a happy home is not full of granite countertops, high-end furniture and the latest and greatest gadgetry... A happy home is one full of health, wealth & happiness.

So much emphasis is placed on how homes look, and yet for the best outcome, it is what is actually within that counts. My favourite saying is from the Little Prince: "it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.." and oh how true that is!

Your home should be a strong foundation for your whole family and encourage positive interactions such as:

  • positive & respectful communication
  • strong health & good sleep routines
  • successful study habits
  • advancing career path
  • growth in financial stability

Welcome Feng Shui into your home and you can change your life! I can activate areas of your home to enhance your wealth, support the areas for better health, and uncover areas to protect for stronger family relationships. If you wish to improve these areas of your life, then it is time for us to meet, it is time for you to have 'A Sam...'

Got questions..? Thought so, everybody does, let us address some of the main ones together:

Can I afford Feng Shui ?

The real question is... can you afford not to?

Your decision to welcome Chi Solutions into your home should be based upon a desire to improve your life, not a credit card imprint....

There is a lot of mystery around Feng Shui already, and my fee should not be one of them! A home consultation fee is based on the square footage of your home, and if multiple levels are to be evaluated. Most homes fall within the range of $600 - $800, and once we connect, a confirmation of the fee is provided when I have the floor plans and family member's information from my questionnaire.

What do I have to do for my consult ?

Schooled in Classic Feng Shui, I do require very specific information for your successful consultation. As we begin, you receive an online questionnaire regarding your home and the people who live in it. Once that is complete, you send over the items listed below electronically so that I can prepare for our first meeting:

  • Floor plans of every floor
  • Site survey of lot clearly showing home
  • Photos of home - interior & exterior if I am consulting remotely via internet

For local homes, or homes I am flown in for, I take all photos and gather information regarding the environment myself. Most homes have two visits, one to scout everything and a secondary one to discuss the report and recommendations. Further connection via skype can be commissioned.

Will my household be turned upside down ?

I have yet to pick a house up off its foundation and move it 3 inches to the left.... and onto a weird angle... The answer is "No" - your household will not be majorly disrupted with Feng Shui. In fact, everything will be much smoother and feel better once our work together begins.

Once I have evaluated your home, I will provide you with easy step-by-step recommendations for a successful changes in your home. I will use plain language to ensure we understand each other, and explain what to expect during the process.   

Do I have to buy lots of weird Feng Shui objects ?

Real Feng Shui is about understanding how the space will affect you, and no amount of magical 3 legged toads or Bagua Mirrors can do that.

The recommendations I provide lay out the changes that will bring the best results, and often involve updating paint colours, possibly moving furniture and sometimes changing room use.

There are a few items that only a Feng Shui consultant has for a client, namely the Calabash and some specific prints that help cure some Feng Shui challenges, and they will be presented if necessary.

Feng Shui is all about finding the good Qi, supporting the good Qi and circulating the good Qi - and you and I can do that together just fine!

How long does this take ?

If all information is supplied in a timely manner, a consult will complete within 2 weeks. Our work together involves 2 visits to your home: the first to gather information and meet with you, and the second to give the final recommendation report.

What if my house is bad, do I have to move ?

I highly doubt your house is bad... it probably just needs my attention to get things back on track. A house cannot be bad in itself, after all it is merely 4 walls and a roof right..? Houses can get bad reputations, but that is usually from external environmental issues, extreme chaotic interior and not understanding how to use the home to its potential.

Occasionally, I will come across a home that has a lot of negative Feng Shui with poor Qi circulation... and then we do need to talk more seriously. This would not be a surprise to you, as you would have been experiencing bad situations in the home... and is probably why you called me in the first place.. If this is the case, yes, I may suggest a new home, however, it is very rare for this to happen.