Praise for online learning! 

Are you curious if this online Learning Centre is for you...? Wonder if you will understand the complex lessons carefully taught online by our fabulous Teachers? Wonder no more - those who enter this online school are very happy with the results, putting their newfound knowledge to good use immediately and happy to tell you all about it!


"Your work is marvellous Samantha. It is the way I want these modules to be offered. Keep it up"

 Master Joseph Yu

 Feng Shui Research Centre  


"I had the great pleasure of attending the online FSRC Professional Feng Shui course with Master Olga Garcia. From the online study area that allowed me to study at my own pace, and for the excellent teaching information, everything is of the highest quality, and I can highly recommend this study experience!

The Chi Solutions Learning Centre is easy to use and welcoming, with great sound and video delivery without any interruptions. The downloadable handouts are detailed, interesting and complement the online course delivery very well. I found the course to have extensive and informative knowledge, and clearly from a well researched school.

Master Olga Garcia is a rare teacher who is very professional, concise and always looking out for me, and helping me along the way! I cannot wait to study with Master Olga again, and highly recommend her to anyone searching to improve his or her knowledge: she is truly lovely!" Kindly, Marta

4P Enriqucedor"I found Four Pillars Enrichment is an intensive seminar, full of knowledge and is an indispensable guidance to be able to read a chart with success. Excellent work of Master Yu and Olga Garcia, congratulations!"  Antonio Guerra Gil

Sam-pfs1-overlay"I have been very pleased with your classes and I am looking forward to start Module 2 very soon. I consider that a teacher is not only one who transmits knowledge, but one who is able to sense what his/her student needs and therefore he/she is able to guide accordingly. You seem to be a knowledgeable person, sensitive and compassionate and that to my eyes makes a good and special teacher. Thank you"    Gloria 2016

"I have just started the online Professional Feng Shui Course with Master Olga Garcia, and am happy everything is so easy to do. I can download the manual easily, the videos work very well and are so interesting to watch. When I hear Olga's voice, it is beautiful and is like Olga is sitting with me - it is great! Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity for me, I like this online way of studying very much!" Patricia


"My feeling didn't disappoint me! Your online course is absolutely fantastic! Several of my Qi Men Dun Jia gaps were filled, and my understanding has leapfrogged in spite of still lots of points to master. You are a very gifted teacher Ying Li and seasoned practitioner! I am eagerly waiting for the next modules to be online" John Willy 

Olga 4P1

"I love this teaching method/school, it is a very effective and powerful way to learn! You can study when you feel in the mood to learn and when you have the time to do it. As the chapters are short, you can study only one or two, and repeat, or do as many as you want. It's a fun and relaxed way to absorb knowledge and is very efficient. It is as good or even better as classroom courses, because you can repeat and listen to something you may not have understood, as many times as you want. Personally I was resistant to the 4Pillars but after this course, I could finally understand it completely. I think you are fully successful with this system. Thank you for providing it!" Cali (Juan Carlos Férriz)

"Sam I love your cool way of teaching me Feng Shui, I was so confused in my research, and then I found you! I learned so much with you, and the way you colour coded all the details really helped me understand. At first I was scared of the quizzes, but once I began, I loved to test myself, and enjoyed your explanations each time - really helpful to know right then and there if I had got the question right! Can't wait to complete all the modules!"

QMDJ-Banner-V2"Ying and Edu are wonderful, experienced and very knowledgeable teachers - I was excited to see their work available for learning online! Their lectures are deep, very informative and at the same time - clear and comprehensible. Being able to review a session multiple times with the videos, really helped grow and strengthen my understanding. Although I studied Qi Men Dun Jia with Joseph Yu before and I use the method in my work, I still find new informations and many interesting cases in Ying's and Edu's online seminars." Malgorzata Galkowska-Bladek, Feng Shui Master


"I loved the seminar! It is very dynamic, it is entertaining, very easy to understand and gives a lot of information. The course is magnificent! I think this online system is great because it can be seen whenever you have time. It's like being in a classroom course! A live course has the charm of "sharing" and this method has a lot of advantages also, as it is very important that we have the chance to see the videos more than once! It was a Privilege for me to try this new way of study, thank you very much Olga and I look forward to be present at several more of your courses soon!" Miriam Baiele

Zones-English"I just finished the Zones of your Face video, and oh my goodness, I am hooked for more! I found myself watching, then checking my face and found so many matches to the information Olga shared: I need to know more! I may sign up for the bigger course now, and this course is super great value - especially as it applies to more studies. A must for sure!"  Kathy Giampa

FSRC-Lec-FSNEW"This Lecturer course is a wonderful adventure!  I hear Joseph's voice and I am so impressed that I can listen to his lectures from 2003! What a blessing you are for the FSRC Jodi, that you recorded and transcribed it all! It is genuine treasure! " Malgorzata Galkowska-Bladek

"The online Qi Men Dun Jia course hosted by Chi Solutions is a smart way to learn this valuable and ancient divination art. Dr Ying Li & Master Eduardo Hess are excellent teachers. Their teaching style explains the subject in a step by step manner allowing the student to understand the different components and layers of a Qi Men Dun Jia chart. The explanations and diversity of information has helped me QMDJ-Banner-V2tremendously to understand the mechanics of a chart and see the answer to my question. I am not an expert, although, I am able to erect a chart and see the answer to my question after taking this course. I highly recommend the Qi Men Dun Jia course taught by Dr. Ying Li & Master Eduardo Hess!"
Marija Chandler

Olga 4P How To"I was fascinated to hear and see the videos from Foon’s course that you translated Olga. You cannot imagine how nice it is to listen to you and how easy it is to understand; it really feels like attending to one of your seminars which I miss a lot! The course is beautiful, I loved it and it gave me the opportunity to review. Thank you again for the opportunity to listen and understand this course further; I love our language and the way you share it is superb!" Blanca Castro