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Student Studying OnlineUnderstanding the best ways to utilize the Learning Centre will ensure you have a successful experience. With a broad spectrum of teaching styles & unique formats we create an environment for your success.

Please take a moment and read through these Frequently Asked Questions, and connect directly with us if you have a concern/query not mentioned here.

Can I be a member only - not a student ?

Absolutely! This is an inclusive Learning Centre, open to everyone who wishes to be here.

Whether you are a student studying for a career in Metaphysics or a curious individual with a thirst for knowledge, we are delighted you are here!

As a member you gain access to free information & videos from Lecturers around the world. From breaker days, how to write Chinese words and all the way to special tips on Face Reading!

The Learning Centre is exactly what you want it to be and if you wish to learn about something, please let us know and we will do our best to present it here!

How do I enter the Learning Centre ?

Membership with Chi Solutions is easy: join us today and you will gain immediate access to FREE information with the ability to then enrol & purchase courses. You will choose your Username, and a password and welcome email will be sent to you.

Once you are a member, you enter by clicking on Login at the top right of the Chi Solutions page, enter your Username and password and you will be inside the Learning area.

You can change this password inside your profile area of your account: please maintain a strong password. If you lose your password, simply enter your Username, and click on Lost Password, and a new one will be issued immediately.

When you become a member of the Chi Solutions Learning Centre, you agree to these policies:

How can I buy a course ?

Become a member of Chi Solutions, check that you can view the small videos and download the pdf's in the FREE area, and you are then ready to buy your desired course!

On the course page you are interested in, click on the Enrol Now button and submit the form request. This connects you directly with the course Lecturer, where payment is secured and any course questions you may have are answered.

Upon successful enrolment with your course Lecturer, the Learning Centre activates your access within 48hrs, and you can begin your course for the specified time allowed. Remember, you must be a member of Chi Solutions to attend a course in our secure environment.

Do I have to be a student of a specific school ?

We welcome you regardless of the school you have come from, attend, or are about to attend.

We aim to strengthen what you already know, and support what you wish to learn that is new to you.

This online platform is designed for you, with a global reach for complete connectivity!

Can I have more than one teacher ?

Absolutely !

The student teacher connection is a most important one, as when the student is ready, the teacher will appear...

In this Learning Centre, you have many teachers to connect with, each providing their expertise in specific areas and all working together for a common goal: your successful learning!

Some teachers specialize in the foundational courses, while others focus on more advanced Metaphysics.

Where you start, and whom you advance with is entirely up to you - you are in charge of your education here!

What technical equipment do I need to study here ?

For a successful learning experience, you will need:

  • CHROME & FIREFOX are recommended browsers
    • Keep all browsers up to date for video streaming capabilities
    • Safari requires flash updates
    • Internet Explorer will be problematic
  • desktop/laptop computer, iPhone, iPad, Tablet
    • your access is secured by location, and mobile devices change locations frequently, and sometimes your movement (on a train for example) may drop you out of class.
  • access to a printer - for your handouts

Internet connections around the world vary, and it is best to have the strongest and fastest connection available to ensure smooth streaming of your video tutorials. Join the Chi Solutions Learning Centre and view the FREE information - if you can watch those videos, and download those handouts, you will be able to attend a course here.

Can I share my studies with a friend ?

The course you purchase is for you only.

Consider connecting with a friend/colleague and ask them to purchase and study the same course as you. You can then discuss the course together as you both advance through the materials.

If you share/duplicate your course handouts or attempt to download the tutorials, your membership with the Learning Centre will be terminated immediately and your name provided to all Lecturers and their corresponding Forums.

No refund will be issued as outlined clearly in our Policies.

Can I study on my iPhone, iPad or tablet ?


We have adapted this Learning Centre for mobile attendance - however there are some limitations beyond our control. Once we migrate all the online courses to our new study platform, a mobile device may drop you out of your classroom from time to time. At the moment, your best study location is in your designated study location - home, office, etc.


Our new platform is designed for you, the modern student who needs access to classes as you travel the world! Register with QiologyPro today, and we'll let you know when your classes are ready over there!

How much time do I have to complete my course ?

You will be given 14, 30 or 60+ days access to your course - dependant on the specific course & Lecturer. This will be clearly identified for you, and extensions in course time can be requested to the Lecturer.

With an organised approach, you will have ample time to watch the course and review any areas of special interest to you, multiple times.

Can I take multiple courses at once ?

It is recommended that you study one course at a time to receive the best understanding of the information within the course.

Some of the foundational courses can be bundled to accommodate a special purchase discount, and those courses will be identified on the courses page.

The more advanced courses are best taken one at a time to ensure a solid understanding.

Can I repeat a course ?

Yes - repeating a course is always a great idea, however with ample time to review materials multiple times, it is unlikely you will need to!

Connect with your Lecturer privately to seek permission and together we will ensure you have exactly what you need.

Will I gain accreditation for my online course ?

We have many Lecturers from various schools around the world, and they will highlight what certification is presented with their course completion.

All official FSRC courses presented here will help you build credits within the Feng Shui Research Centre toward your Higher Diploma, Senior Practitioner, Lecturer & Master status.

What if I have questions for the Lecturer ?

When you enrol for your course, you will be connected to that Lecturer directly. They will ensure you have everything you need for the successful completion of their course.

All courses inside the Learning Centre provide applicable handouts and any supplementary materials you need. The individual Lecturer will provide you with any additional information where applicable.

Remember, everything you need to complete your course is right here online. If you view a section of the course and do not understand something, simply review it again, and again - that is the beauty of our Online Learning Centre!

Are there tests or exams in these courses ?

Some courses may have mini quizzes to help test your understanding as you progress through the materials.

Some courses may come with assignments for submission to the Lecturer.

Some courses are complete as viewing only.

If I change my mind, can I have a refund ?

All digital content sold through the Learning Centre is non-refundable as agreed to upon your enrolment, clearly defined in our policies: