Instructors in the Learning Centre

  • Olga Garcia

    Country: Spain

    Teaches in English, Español, Français, Svenska

    Olga is the official representative of the FSRC in Sweden, Spain & Latin America Spanish speaking countries. A Feng Shui Master, with a Higher Diploma of Chinese Traditional Feng Shui, Olga is the founder of the Feng Shui Art Center and has studied intricate areas of Chinese Metaphysics. Olga gives consultations, classes & seminars in Sweden, Spain and South America Spanish speaking countries.

  • Michaël Lacroix

    Country: France

    Teaches in English, Français

    Michael Lacroix is the FSRC accredited teacher for French-speaking countries by Master Joseph Yu. One of the few experts in France to perform at such a high level and retain the true traditional Feng Shui, he remains consistent with the original teachings of the ancient Chinese Taoist lineages (玄空風水).

  • Patricia Lee

    Country: USA

    Teaches in English

    Patricia has achieved a unique depth and range of knowledge with superb skills that are translatable to her students. Patricia has the ability to analyze and interpret complex material, and apply it simply to a complex world - very useful in a teaching environment!

  • Pamila Faye

    Country: USA

    Teaches in English

    Pamila has studied a variety of Chinese Feng Shui Classics to find answers to her questions in life. Lao Tzu said “He who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is enlightened”. Pamila’s passion is to share these ancient truths that are still very relevant in the 21st Century with you today!

  • Samantha Plovie

    Country: Canada

    Teaches in English

    Samantha is an innovative teacher and believes that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear... With a passion for knowledge & unique approach to her teaching, Samantha understands that every student approaches their learning with different expectations.... as such, the Learning Centre was born.... Samantha is waiting to meet you... are you ready to learn something new today..?

  • Jodi Brunner

    Country: Australia

    Teaches in English, 日本人

    A Master Lecturer from the Feng Shui Research Centre, Jodi has a unique passion for Chinese Metaphysics. With over 20 years experience, Jodi brings a high level of comprehension to all the courses she teaches, and is truly a forever seeker of knowledge!

  • George Bennis

    Country: Australia

    Teaches in English

    Master George Bennis is one of only two FSRC accredited Feng Shui Masters in Australia, and has studied & practised Feng Shui in the United States, Canada, Australia & Japan. George manages his own consultancy firm & has guest lectured to the Queensland University of Technology, The Master Builders Association of Queensland & The Interior Designers Association.

  • Ying Li

    Country: Italy

    Teaches in English, 中文, ישראל, Pусский

    Dr Ying Li is a designated Master of the Feng Shui Research Centre & teaches advanced metaphysical courses to students worldwide. Having grown up in the Chinese culture & with advanced education in the West, Ying has a deep understanding of Chinese metaphysics as well as able to transmit the knowledge to the modern western audience in an easily understandable way.

  • Eduardo Hess

    Country: Italy

    Teaches in English, Italiano, ישראל, Pусский

    Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Eduardo began his study of Chinese Metaphysics at the very young age of 11 by reading Yijing books on his mother’s bookshelves. He is a respected Master Lecturer travelling the world both teaching & assisting clients.