Let's Connect!

With so many interesting avenues for us to connect on, it is hard to know where to begin isn't it..? Well, let's break things down a bit shall we.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui in Chinese charactersI like to get to know you with the Feng Shui aspect of your life first, as that helps me understand where you are at, and the potentials around you. Whether you live in an old home, a high rise condominium or a palatial waterfront estate, the same principles apply and your happiness is dependant on how your home supports you. Ready to start a Feng Shui consultation..?  Good choice, let's go!


12_animal_tai_jiAhh yes... I know you are interested, everyone is... We all like to learn about ourselves and see how things connect... I am a professional Chinese Astrologer and can help you understand your strengths and uncover those areas that may need a little more support. With a better understanding of who you are and why you do the things you do, you will make more informed decisions that will improve your life - curious aren't you...

Learning Centre

The Chi Solutions Learning Centre offers online learning in the comfort of your own home - how amazing is that! We have Professional Feng Shui Modules, Advanced Metaphysical courses, and Chinese Face Reading - all ready for you! Not sure where to begin..? Why not Join Us today and gain access to FREE information from all the Lecturers, and choose your path of learning - we are here for you!