December 2017

The festive season is upon us, and you may need to be the smiling one in the crowd that leads the way for others - you go guys!

December month is Ren Zi, which is lovely Chinese code for Yang Water Rat, and shows us that the water element is powerful this month, very much supported by year of the Rooster and things are gonna move fast!

A lot of people misunderstand the Rat, thinking it's a negative Chinese 12th animal - nope, not at all. When we look at Chinese Astrology, it's not about the animal, it's what the animal represents in Qi transformation.

The Rat represents intelligence, is deep thinking, emotional, operates underground, encompasses darkness, has a cooling effect, is introspective, works behind the scenes with a finger-on-the-pulse ability that has massive street cred!

You don't mess with a Rat... they'll simply outsmart you.

Famous for their unseen nocturnal activities, this Rat month will encourage a 'dig below' to source out what cannot be seen and unearth hidden facts that many would prefer stay hidden... No one understands these caverns better than a Rat, and the flashlight of 2017 is going to illuminate some pretty dark areas: if a person has something to hide, better watch out, they're about to be exposed.

This is a turning point, as the last couple of months were not a great for many... I know you felt it, my inbox was full, messenger kept me awake with its pinging, and sadness crippled everywhere... You felt overwhelmed, everything coming at you, and I expect a few of you blew off steam.... It's ok, you had to do it and release the pressure: I applaud you for speaking up!

But now is the time to change your mindset - you have to do this in preparation for 2018, as it is advancing fast, and waits for no one to be ready.

Understand your emotions may rise up so for goodness sake, let them out! If we consider the snowy season, and that annoying famous song (that will now be stuck in your head all day!) 'let it go, let it go..'

Yep, shout it from the rooftops if you need to, just let 'er rip!

December is a time to take charge of your mind, you must see the cup half-full. Turn your cautiousness into decisiveness, your fear into fearlessness, and master any lack of confidence you've allowed to fester - oh and stop biting those nails!

Alrighty, let's cover some basics I know you love, and if you are not sure of your birth chart CHECK IT HERE:

Horse in your birth chart... ouch! You're in for some clashing moments, but if you take the bull by the horns and instigate the changes yourself, you can come out on top. Dig your heels in, keep your emotions inside, and don't listen to that wise friend whispering in your ear... yeah, you're gonna get burned...

Rabbit in your birth chart... you've experienced some ups / downs and unfair moments this year, thankfully that's shifting now.. The power that has been held over you, will release - phew! The downside... you may walk away from something, kinda throw in the towel as you've had enough. This is ok, if you're not reacting emotionally: promise me you'll think it through ok. Act with a knee jerk reaction that has no factual substance, and you'll end up hurting yourself...

On the Feng Shui front, we have some issues in the South: it's hot, it's deadly, and it's relentless... We can liken this to the horrific fires in the States right now, and my heart goes out to the chaos that many are dealing with. But it's more than this, it's an internal speed and shocking factor that will catch many unaware, so be ready to steady yourself, and lend a helping hand where it's needed.

Remember, don't be afraid, you can overcome what comes at you this month: stay calm, think carefully, and use the cleverness of the Rat to outsmart any issue.

What at first looks like a setback, can be reconfigured to a new, stronger step forward. You gotta think differently, turn the issue on its side, and view things from another angle.. then you'll see how to make it work.

Take the time this month to say 'I love you' to everyone, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e you love! Our clever Rat of December is a loving character, bringing romantic Peach Blossom forward for those daring enough to peer behind the velvet curtains... think of it like your personal peep show... Ooh la-la!!

Are ya singing that song yet....? You will be 😉

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