Astrology & You!

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Chinese Astrology is one of the most fascinating areas of my work, and the most sought after consult I provide!

Also known as 4 Pillars &/or BaZi, this is where I focus on four specific areas of your birth date to provide you with a spectacular insight into who you genuinely are.

A BaZi consultation will:

  • help you understand who you are and why you do the things you do
  • give you the confidence to make more informed decisions
  • improve your personal relationships: at home & with career
  • give you the clear direction you have been looking for
  • include an update for the current year

BaZi Consultations are extensively detailed personalized reports designed to help you attain more self-awareness and work with your strengths to succeed in all areas of your life.

Success Stories:

I heard about Chi Solutions from my husband. When he started telling about Samantha I just knew I had to book a BaZi consultation. Once I finally met Sam, I was impressed by her honesty, talent, straight forwardness and knowledge within this modality. The results of my BaZi report blew me away. Everything that she had put together in this report described my life perfectly. There was clarity for once about who I am, and the way that I am, things finally made sense. I have so much trust in Sam, which made for a wonderful experience and a fun introduction into Chinese Astrology. I would most definitely recommend Chi Solutions to everyone. There are a variety of services that are offered to suit just about anyone.

Thanks again Sam!

Deanne Crew, Vernon

One of my first thoughts, with my business lady hat on, was that this is incredible value! And it is. As Natalie the creative writer hopeful who has been climbing for a long, long time (it seems, anyway), I noticed how reassured I felt to have some reflection on what has been and what's to come, to have some ruminating about my direction by someone other than me...I believe very much in what you do and the other languages of the universe, and I'm most grateful for your time and talents. Thank you Samantha! 

Natalie Appleton

Read Head Copywriting

I hire an accountant to do my books, a lawyer to take care of my business, but I had never considered a Feng Shui Expert to provide guidance in my life until I met Samantha.  Challenged with selling a home that had very little equity in it, in the middle of a divorce, and looking to make things happen quickly, I decided I was ready to try anything.  Samantha was not only professional and scientific, she delivered her information in ways I could relate to and gave me detailed things to do...including dates and tasks.  Her goal was to activate money around the sale of my house...not to make it comfortable for me to live in...which is a different service that she provides.  She gave me insights into what to expect in my upcoming months and she was bang on!  My house is sold, my mortgage is covered and then some.  The BaZi update she provided was also bang on.  I don't need to understand how Samantha does what she does, the results speak for themselves.  I am in the process of buying a house and have engaged her services again, this time to ensure I buy the right house for me and to optimize the energy of my new home for my personal needs.

Carla Dahlen, Vernon, BC